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We are proud that so many of our clients have repeatedly turned to us for counsel and representation, and we work hard to earn their loyalty every day.

The DiScala & DiScala Story

Francis Sr. began practice in 1956 in a small office on Wall Street in Norwalk, CT. He began with real estate and business, but soon found that his passion was not business in the commercial sense, but rather the business of helping people – all people.

Committed to defending the United States constitution, he eagerly represented many causes, fighting for people whose voices would have otherwise been mute under the weight of the system. His zealousness included a brilliant integration of poetry, literature and a unique charisma which, when combined, created an undeniable force that swayed jurors and judges and all those who encountered “Broadway Frank” in the trial arena.

Serving the local community was his mission, regardless of whether or not the client could financially afford his help. He did all he could, often rewarded by substantial recoveries from personal injury lawsuits.

An expert cross-examiner, his trials were watched by lawyers and the media alike, earning him a spot as a guest commentator on local cable television and later, Court TV.

With 36 years of practice behind him, he opened his office to a new lawyer, his son, Francis Jr., and together they practiced until 2000, when Frank Sr.’s hearing issues forced him to reluctantly retire prematurely. However, Frank Sr. recently underwent a surgical procedure to improve his hearing, and he intends to make a comeback!

Furthering the Legacy

Francis J. DiScala, Jr. continued his father’s tradition of passionate advocacy and personal attention to clients’ needs in criminal defense, personal injury and family law. Attorney DiScala has made many national appearances on Court TV, CNN Headline News and local and regional television in order to provide legal analysis and argument on current legal issues.

Beginning with the end in mind, Attorney DiScala, Jr. approaches cases working backwards, preparing a case as if it were going to trial so that in the event that it does, the witnesses, the experts and the client are ready. The latest technology, organization and plenty of experience combined with concern and patience has been the secret to trial success.

Attorney DiScala’s promise to clients is that he will show up and will be available for you, the client, during the thick and the thin, giving you the time and energy you deserve from your lawyer. He will give you his personal cell phone to ensure you have access to your counsel when you need it, and you are invited and encouraged to call.


Francis DiScala, Jr. had the fastest not-guilty verdict in Norwalk Courthouse history: State v. Douglas – 16 minute jury deliberation.

Francis DiScala, Jr. had one of the top 25 monetary verdicts in the state in 2012, the second highest that year in Stamford Courthouse. DiScala’s case, State v. Auster resulted in a large verdict for a woman in a dog bite case and is the seminal case on landlord/keeper liability in Connecticut.

Francis DiScala, Jr. has litigated, settled or tried more than 1,000 personal injury cases and more than 1,000 criminal cases.

Francis DiScala, Jr. has been one of the 12 lawyers selected to judge the Connecticut High School Moot competition and will continue to assist in the coaching of the talented state finalists of the Weston School system moot court program.

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We are at the forefront of ever-changing laws and work closely with our clients in dedicated teams that are fully committed to exceeding client expectations.

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