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Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense Representation

Criminal Defense Law is a unique art into itself. Our philosophy is that everyone is entitled to a strong defense and that without a powerful defense our constitution would be worthless.

We are experienced in all phases of the criminal defense process from the beginning – the pre-arrest investigation – to the end.

Often, contacting an experienced lawyer from the outset can influence the direction of the criminal investigation. Sometimes, your lawyer can even prevent an arrest from occurring. The arrest alone can have a serious impact on one’s reputation. It is important to contact us EARLY and let our more than 80 years of combined experience work for you.

DiScala’s best-known case, however, involved the successful criminal defense of actor Michael Douglas’s brother Eric, who was acquitted of harassing a 12-year-old girl at a mental health facility. He successfully managed the heavy media attention and won the case after a two-week trial. The case propelled DiScala’s reputation to a national level, and he was asked to appear on a number of major television networks as a legal commentator.

​In part as a result, CNN Headline News, CBS, Court TV, and other media outlets have since sought his opinions on law. Further, he has been a national television commentator for more than 10 years.